Bernhard Schmid
1972 Born in Pfronten
1975 Draw paintings with mama
1985 My first camera
1992 Darkroom
1994 First experiment in technical analysis
        with Minox
2000/05 Suffering under assistant work
2003/09 Large format camera
            Beginning of series
            Old barns/gothic cathedrals
            French houses of the north
2004 Digital camera
2005 Award Lazi academy Stuttgart
2007/09 Web site
            Product and coverage photography
   Fabienne Bray
1976 Born in France
1984 Playing in building blocks
1998 Fell in love
1999 He broke my heart
2000 First experience with camera
        I move to Germany
2001 Didn´t like the deep hanging dark sky over
2003 Study under a shiny bright new sky in
2005 Creation of haricot vert
2007/09 Studio product photography